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Releasing Jezebel

Embracing the Lioness Within

In her memoir, Releasing Jezebel: Embracing the Lioness Within, Jenelle lived what other children dreamed of on her family’s ranch on a reserve with her faithful dog, beautiful horses, a turtle-filled pond, and abundant acreage to freely discover. However, her fairy-tale life could not be told without the presence of the villain of child abuse.

Jenelle struggled as a victim but also as a witness to the repeated abuse her close friend endured. Trauma shaped her personality from a very young age as she repeatedly faced and escaped her demons of shame and fear.

As a teenager, Jenelle used alcohol to numb emotional pain and eventually turned to drugs to forget what no child should have experienced or seen. Addiction rapidly led her on a roller coaster of highs and lows as she desperately attempted to bury her past.

With every turn, Jenelle takes you through countless near-death encounters while dangerous men simultaneously implant the seed of unworthiness and its self-destructive consequence.

After becoming a mother, this courageous woman created a better life for herself and her children by tapping into her sheer will and determination to heal. She continues to fight the adversities of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome as she walks the road of recovery with integrity, leadership, and compassion. This is the story of the girl and woman who was and always will embrace the lioness within.

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Book + Ticket Event

In-Person Event Includes:

  • Copy of the Book

  • Appetizers

  • Key-Note Speaker: Jade Seabrook, Registered Clinical Counsellor

  • Speaker: Angie Lohr, Executive Director of Hope Okanagan

  • Author Reading & Sharing

  • Burlesque Dancers: Femme Fatale

  • Live Band—Sonic Rebels & Dancing

  • Conversation & Book Signing 


Just Buying the Book?

Includes Just the Book


Lea (Elara) Reardon

Certified Yoga Teacher

Inner Light Yoga and Wellness

I was very moved when I read Jenelle's story because it instantly captivated me, and I could not stop reading it! I have known her for about ten years. During that time, she graduated from my yoga teacher training and continues to practice and teach yoga at my studio. I know her to be very grounded, smart, and spiritual. Jenelle is a beautiful person with a big heart who impresses me with her accomplishments and contributions to our community.
Until I read her memoir, I did not know the extent of the childhood trauma she suffered or the hard life she lived in her youth. Amazingly, she survived and recovered from both the trauma and addictions that took over her life. Her incredibly inspiring account gives hope to those who have gone or are still going through similar hardships. This is a real eye-opener for those who have never had to experience something similar.
About the Author
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About the Author

Jenelle Brewer is an indigenous mother of two adult children. No matter how often she tried to leave, she returned to her family on the reserve in the Syilx territory where she grew up. Jenelle often wonders how others live without the strong connection she has to the land that speaks to her. 

This first-time author has been described as vibrant and energetic, always seeking challenging projects. She fearlessly welcomes uncomfortable experiences, knowing they provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. Beneath her tough exterior is a warm and generous heart that passionately supports and advocates for her community while simultaneously making amends for her past.


As a child abuse victim and a woman who fully recovered from drug addiction, Jenelle advocates for others to understand that trauma is an underlying cause of addictions. She continues to support trauma survivors using the power of love and tirelessly shares her message that they are not alone. 

Apr 01, 6:30 p.m. PDT
Prestige Vernon Lodge & Conference Cent.,
3914 32 St, Vernon, BC V1T 5P1, Canada
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